Rolling Along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears Getting to Know Chairs!

Rolling Along with Goldilocks

Man fixing a chair imageRecommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards: Language Development, STEM

Rocking Chair Image

Materials Needed:

  • Variety of chairs

  • Pictures of chairs used for different purposes

Preparation: Approach this topic as a thematic unit that you and the children plan together.  Find out all the things that your children know about chairs and want to learn about chairs. From this list, you’ll be able to generate activity ideas.  Start by creating a web of ideas, concepts, and questions with your students. It might look like this.

Post your web of ideas so that familifes can see it and participate in brainstorming.  Invite families to bring in a sample chair from home that can be "studied" as part of this unit.

Activity:  Here are some activities that can be done to support this study.
•    Cut out pictures of all different kinds of chairs. Sort them into groups (big/small chairs, chairs with arms/without arms, etc.)
•    Set up dramatic  play scenes that use chairs ( a train, a dentist’s office, a hair salon)
•    Play musical chairs with different types of chairs
•    Go on a chair hunt around your school and home

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