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Becker's "I'm A Scientist" Dramatic Play Kit

Regular Price: $106.99 Your Price: $96.29

Becker's exclusive “I’m A Scientist” dramatic play kit specializes will transform your science area into the most exciting place to play once you set it up like a laboratory. This dramatic play set... More Info

Becker's "I'm A Vet" Dramatic Play Kit

Regular Price: $71.99 Your Price: $64.79

Becker's exclusive “I’m A Vet” dramatic play kit specializes in sick and injured "stuffed" animals. This dramatic play set has everything you need to set up a vet's office. Contents: Vet Jacket Mask... More Info

Becker's "I'm An Explorer" Kit

Regular Price: $99.99 Your Price: $89.99

Bring dramatic play to the great outdoors with our Explorer Kit! Once a child dons the Explorer vest and teams up with his/her fellow explorers, the important work of searching, observing, collecting,... More Info

Becker's "I’m A Grocer" Kit

Regular Price: $82.29 Your Price: $74.06

This is pretend play at its best!  Instantly convert your dramatic play area in to a Grocery Store and watch the customers line up!  Children practice social interactions, literacy and math skills... More Info

Multicultural Dress Up Costume Set

Regular Price: $377.69 Your Price: $339.92

These textured and detailed outfits will be just the ticket to open up a world of learning for your children about special holidays, ceremonies, and lifestyles around the globe. Add to the richness of... More Info

Becker's "I’m An Astronaut" Theme Kit

Regular Price: $87.49 Your Price: $78.74

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- Blast Off!  This dramatic play set works well indoors or out. The docking port, shaped like a tunnel, is collapsible and easy to transport. Once the 2 volunteer astronauts are... More Info

Becker's Let's Go Camping Set

Regular Price: $76.99 Your Price: $69.29

Open up a world of outdoor adventure with camping props and an indoor/outdoor play tent, as you teach math and science concepts.   Gather 'round the 'camp fire,' count out marshmallows, and predict... More Info

Becker's Dress-Up Collection

Regular Price: $134.99 Your Price: $121.49

Dress up chests are filled with endless treasures for make-believe play!  Be queen for a day, king of the hill, a dapper business owner, a dancer, or a mom or dad. You can be anything you want with a... More Info

Becker's "I'm a Construction Worker" Dramatic Play Kit

Regular Price: $92.99 Your Price: $83.69

Set up a construction site in your block area complete with hard hats, tools, safety cones, and books to inspire architects of the future with the “I’m a Construction Worker" dramatic play set!  This... More Info

Creative Play Scarves

Regular Price: $64.99 Your Price: $58.49

These all-silk scarves are a great dramatic play prop. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Set of 4 includes red, orange, royal blue and emerald. 35" squares. Washable. Ages 3+... More Info


Becker's My First Laundry Set

Regular Price: $139.99 Your Price: $125.99

This is the way we dry our clothes... Sometimes the ol' fashioned way is the best way! Whether hanging doll clothes, kid’s socks or paper cutouts—children will be using fine motor and cognitive skills... More Info


Becker's “I’m a Construction Worker” Complete Set

Regular Price: $110.99 Your Price: $99.89

Set up a construction site in your block area complete with tools and realistic props.  Contents : 2 books, 2 construction hats, 20-piece tool set, 4 (15"H) Safety Cones and construction dress-up... More Info


Becker's I'm A Woodworker Kit

Regular Price: $137.69 Your Price: $123.92

The Real Projects Workshop encourages active and imaginative play with a realistic “wood” project workbench! Features 42 sturdy foam pieces and a 23-piece accessory set that assembles into unlimited... More Info


It's Dress-Up Time in the Dramatic Play Area

We say it all the time but it's true in preschool - "You can be anything you want to be." This is why it is so important to stock your preschool classroom with plenty of pretend play sets, pretend play toys, and preschool dress-ups!

Children will love to dress-up like a chef, an executive, an engineer, a bus driver, a scientist or any other job they can think of. They can image they're a vet, a doctor, a firefighter, or an explorer. We have dress-up clothes for all those careers along with role play props and all of the pretend play supplies you can think of. Your imagination is the only limit.

Don't forget the multicultural dress-ups! It's very important to introduce new cultures to little learners. They'll have a blast pretending their from another country. Not only that, they'll develop great storytelling and social awareness skills. It will broaden their world view and promote tolerance as well. There's so much pretend play fun to have in the preschool dramatic play area!

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