Dramatic Play

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Sprouts Fresh Picked Fruit & Veggie Tote

Regular Price: $31.49 Your Price: $28.34

Fill a tote with freshly designed produce! Invite early dramatic play, build vocabulary and reinforce good nutrition. Soft, rubberized plastic produce has a spunky look that little sprouts will love!... More Info

Sprouts Classroom Play Food Set

Regular Price: $155.49 Your Price: $139.94

All the yummy food you need for your dramatic play centers and early nutrition lessons. Includes 100 durable pieces with a fresh design—soft, rubberized plastic in contemporary shapes. Packaged in a... More Info

Sprouts Munch It!

Regular Price: $26.49 Your Price: $23.84

A play buffet for the littlest gourmets! ​   The most familiar foods to toddlers! Invite early dramatic play, build vocabulary, model meal-time routines and more with soft, durable plastic foods. Set... More Info

Sprouts Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Baskets

Regular Price: $79.99 Your Price: $71.99

Fun food play throughout the day! Includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner baskets. Each meal includes 16–19 nutritious food items made of soft, durable plastic sprouting a contemporary, spunky look!... More Info

Sprouts Cook it! My Very Own Chef Set

Regular Price: $26.49 Your Price: $23.84

If your kitchen needs a low cost face lift - start with this stylish cook set!   Good-looking cooking for the littlest chefs! Modern, 6-piece set features soft, rubberized parts and easy-grip... More Info

Sprouts Cure It! My Very Own Doctor Set

Regular Price: $26.49 Your Price: $23.84

Safe practice for the youngest wanna-be docs! Chunky tools made from durable, soft plastic are perfect for encouraging early imaginative play. Includes stethoscope, syringe, bandage, ear scope,... More Info

Sprouts Fix It! My Very Own Tool Set

Regular Price: $26.49 Your Price: $23.84

Big fix-it fun for the smallest fixer uppers! Encourage early imaginative play with chunky tools made from durable, soft plastic. Includes saw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, drill (with sound) and tool... More Info

Sprouts­ Shopping Baskets

Regular Price: $31.49 Your Price: $28.34

Grab a stack of freshly designed shopping baskets sized especially for little hands. Perfect for pretend shopping and dramatic play. Set of 4 in New Sprouts colors (orange, green, purple, blue). Oval... More Info

Smart Snacks® Shape Sorting Cupcakes

Regular Price: $25.49 Your Price: $22.94

A delicious way to develop shape and color identification! Cupcakes pull apart to reveal shapes. Match the shapes to put them back together. Then match the shape to the pan bottom. Featured shapes... More Info

Sprouts Breakfast Basket

Regular Price: $26.49 Your Price: $23.84

Start the day with healthy breakfast play! Freshly designed breakfast foods are made of soft, durable plastic, perfect for hungry little sprouts. Includes egg, glass of juice, cinnamon roll, banana, 2... More Info

Smart Snacks® Count 'em Up Popcorn

Regular Price: $25.49 Your Price: $22.94

Big corny fun! Playful way to practice counting, numbers and stacking. B uild number sense and recognition, and practice counting sets. Includes 15 jumbo popcorn pieces to count into 5 different-sized... More Info

Pretend & Play® Kitchen Set

Regular Price: $52.49 Your Price: $47.24

Kids will love to set up their kitchen with this super-sized assortment featuring colorful pots, pans, cups, bowls, dishes, utensils, pitcher, dish pan and more. Includes 70 durable plastic pieces for... More Info

Sprouts Multicultural Food Set

Regular Price: $31.99 Your Price: $28.79

Experience foods from around the globe! This mouthwatering set features realistic designs of 15 popular foods from different regions, including a sushi roll, samosa, edamame, and more! Young food... More Info

Sprouts Dinner Basket

Regular Price: $26.49 Your Price: $23.84

It’s dinner time! Mouth-watering, healthy dinner foods are made of soft, durable plastic and sport a contemporary look! Includes glass of milk, steak, grilled chicken breast, asparagus bundle, baked... More Info

Sprouts Bushel of Veggies

Regular Price: $15.79 Your Price: $14.21

Stock up on freshly designed veggies! Great for early dramatic play. Also builds basic vocabulary and reinforces healthy eating. Soft, plastic produce sprouts a sassy, contemporary look. Includes... More Info

Sprouts Classroom Kitchen Set

Regular Price: $83.99 Your Price: $75.59

One-stop shop for all your basic kitchen needs! This set has the latest in cooking, baking, and serving tools all neatly packed in a handy tote. Perfectly-sized kitchen play for your whole class! It's... More Info

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Set the Stage, Add Dramatic Play Furniture, Lights Off, Curtains Up - It's Show Time!

With the right dramatic play furniture, a few dramatic props, and creative dress-ups - it can be like Broadway theater in your classroom! There is an equal amount of education and entertainment as children act out family roles in a dramatic play area that is set up with house props. "Who's cooking tonight?" What's for dinner?" “Whose turn is it to wash the dishes? “I’ll feed the baby, you walk the dog. The social value of this pretend play is very important; children learn to negotiate and cooperate with the proper dramatic play center materials.

We know that quality classrooms rotate themes in the dramatic play area. It's important to have dramatic play props and accessories to support different play scenarios such as grocery store, office, or restaurant. Children can roleplay as a young professional, scientist, community helper, and more. Pretend play helps children develop storytelling and social awareness skills.

We also want children to experience different cultures through their play. We offer a range of multicultural play props and beautifully designed multicultural costumes. We offer a variety of ethnic dress ups and dramatic play kits for children to roleplay.

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