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Becker's Designer Kitchen Series, 3 Piece Set

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Tired of your outdated kitchen?  Want something fresh and contemporary-looking? You'll love the Becker's new Designer Series. We've added a melamine surface with a stainless-steel look to the counter... More Info

Mood Mirrors, Set of 3

Regular Price: $134.99 Your Price: $121.49

Here's a great set of decorative mirrors to make every child and every feeling welcome in your room! Helps early learning children develop awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Perfect for... More Info

Wall Mirror Shapes with Pull-Up Bar

Regular Price: $259.99 Your Price: $233.99

Toddlers will delight with the image of themselves as they explore the physical activity of pulling themselves up on two legs. Safe clear acrylic mirror. Mounts to the wall with screws. 47"L× 5" D ×... More Info

Dress-Up Tree

Regular Price: $143.99 Your Price: $129.59

Twelve strong pegs make it easy to organize dress-up clothes for your dramatic play station. 12" x 12" x 48"H. Easy to assemble. Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty... More Info


Set the Stage, Add Dramatic Play Furniture, Lights Off, Curtains Up - It's Show Time!

With the right dramatic play furniture, a few dramatic props, and creative dress-ups - it can be like Broadway theater in your classroom! There is an equal amount of education and entertainment as children act out family roles in a dramatic play area that is set up with house props. "Who's cooking tonight?" What's for dinner?" “Whose turn is it to wash the dishes? “I’ll feed the baby, you walk the dog. The social value of this pretend play is very important; children learn to negotiate and cooperate with the proper dramatic play center materials.

We know that quality classrooms rotate themes in the dramatic play area. It's important to have dramatic play props and accessories to support different play scenarios such as grocery store, office, or restaurant. Children can roleplay as a young professional, scientist, community helper, and more. Pretend play helps children develop storytelling and social awareness skills.

We also want children to experience different cultures through their play. We offer a range of multicultural play props and beautifully designed multicultural costumes. We offer a variety of ethnic dress ups and dramatic play kits for children to roleplay.

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