123 versus ABC

123 Versus ABC

Would you agree that Disney animated movies appeal to adults as much as children, maybe more?  Does some of the humor go over the little ones’ heads?  Well, this book reminds me of that. It can be enjoyed by children and adults - though adults might love it even more!

The illustrations do a great job of supporting the story while entertaining us.  Who knew you could read the mind of a few kooky characters just by looking at their expressions and their body postures?  You’ll be tempted to linger on each page and see every detail but you’ll be just as tempted to turn the page and see what happens next!

You might think this book is just about fun but it turns out that fun is just the vehicle to teach young children that letters and numbers have very important uses. So important, that one of the characters Number 1 thinks the whole book should be about numbers. The other main character Letter A disagrees.  And so the debate begins:

The Number character says to the Alligator who appears early in the story, “Can I help you? Perhaps you need to count something.” The Letter character jumps in and says, “Letter A at your service. Do you need assistance spelling something?”

The rest of the story keeps us in suspense until we discover who is the victor of the all-important question – is this book about numbers or letters?

Whether you’re a fan of counting or reciting the alphabet– we have book sets that help you do both!

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Amazing Alphabet Book Set

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I Can Count Book Set

Reviewed by Leslie S. Eslinger, Education and Product Specialist, Becker's School Supplies

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