Bring a Letter to School Day

123 versus ABC Book Cover

In this story, the Letter A tells his friend Number 1 that it’s “Bring your Lowercase to Work Day.” What a fun idea to do after reading this book! For this activity, invite children to create their own uppercase letter page at home and bring it to school.

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards: Language and Literacy 

Materials Needed:

  • One sheet of drawing paper for each child to take home

  • If children in  your classroom don't have access to basic  arts and crafts materials in their homes - send some art materials (glue, markers, collage items)​

Bring a Letter to School Day activity image​Preparation: Each child will go home with a piece of paper and a note explaining the assignment. See below for suggested wording.

Activity:  When you first describe this activity to the children remind them what happened in the story, 123 versus ABC. What did the Letter A think the book should be about? Tell the children that they’re going to make a book just about letters so that Letter A has nothing more to complain about!     

If you don’t have 26 children in your class (and let’s hope you don’t) – you can make the missing letter pages in school.

Bind your book together and ask the children what the name of the book should be. Place it proudly on your book shelf!


Note to Parents:  We’re making an alphabet book in our classroom and we need your help. Your child is assigned the letter ___.  Please work with your child to create a page for our book that shows this letter. It can be drawn or collaged or made out of any material you like as long as it fits on this piece of paper. You and your child can add pictures of things that begin with that letter. If there’s room, write a sentence that tells us what is special about this letter. 
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