Around the World Toddler Dress-Ups

Regular Price: $119.99 Your Price: $107.99

Dressing-up goes global!  Why offer multicultural dress-ups for toddlers? Because anti-bias education starts now. We don't want different types of dress to ever appear odd or unusual. We want children... More Info

Give The Planet A Hug Classroom Rug

Regular Price: $149.99-$462.99 Your Price: $134.99-$416.69

Families Figures Classroom Set

Regular Price: $121.99 Your Price: $109.79

Introducing our collection of chunky figures - they're good lookin', stylish, fun to hold, and offer a positive representation of our diverse world! The set includes Caucasian Family figures ,... More Info

A World Of Friends Rug

Regular Price: $257.99-$439.99 Your Price: $232.19-$395.99

It's a small world after all! Set the tone for building friendships and understanding inside and outside the classroom. Oval rug available in 2 sizes... More Info

All of Us Together Rug

Regular Price: $254.99-$454.99 Your Price: $229.49-$409.49

Take a multicultural approach to the education of young children.  Create discussions on racial awareness, and teach children to respect others' cultures and values.  Oval rug available in 2 sizes... More Info

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