Stripes of All Types/Rayas de todas las tallas

Stripes of All Types Book Cover

This book was love at first stripe for me! It’s narrative non-fiction for preschoolers at its best.  Children will learn to become keen observers. In this book, it’s all eyes on stripes. Colorful stripes, curvy stripes, short stripes, long stripes and endless stripes. First our eyes are drawn to notice the stripes and then we discover the importance of stripes for each animal. The author/illustrator keeps our focus on this physical feature as we meet one animal per page through lyrical and rhyming text.

As in many non-fiction books, a picture glossary gives detailed information about each featured animal and explains why each animal has stripes. Turn the page and you have a double-page spread with a fun matching game that tests your stripe IQ!

Could this topic have been covered effectively using photographs instead of drawings? Yes, without question. But in this case, the illustrations are an enhancement. They draw our eye to the stripes without compromising the realistic features of each animal. The artist’s renderings give just the right amount of detail to what’s important. In this case the illustrator did more with her art than could have been done with a camera!

If you’re interested in animals and want to extend the learning, you might like this collection, Theme Book Set: Animals.

Theme Book Set:  Animals Image
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