Safe & Easy Printmaking Activity

Before We Eat Book Cover

Recommended Ages:  Preschool​/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Creative Arts Expression

Materials Needed:

Preparation: Remind the children that the pictures in the story, Before We Eat were done by an illustrator named Mary Azarian. She used a technique called printing to create the pictures for the book.


Activity:  Tell the children that there are 4 steps to follow when you print.

Step 1:  First use the tools on the table to draw lines on your Styrofoam tray. You can make long lines, short lines, fat lines, thin lines, etc. Print Making Tools Image

Step 2: Pour a spoonful of paint directly on to your tray.

Step 3:  Use a brayer or rolling pin to spread the paint over all the lines and designs on your tray.

Step 4:  Before the paint dries, place the paper flat on the tray over the paint. Press down firmly to make a print.

Follow Up:   After children get the hang of this activity, they can experiment with different tools and designs. The idea of printmaking is to use the impressions to make multiple prints. Encourage the children to reuse their Styrofoam trays over and over to make new prints.

Compare the children’s prints to the art work in the book, Before We Eat. Do you see any of the same patterns?

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