Giving Thanks

Before We Eat Book Cover

Recommended Ages:  Preschool​

Domains or Early Learning Standards: Science Knowledge & Skills; Language Development

Materials Needed:

Preparation: To prepare for this activity, gather pictures of food that have a direct source that children can understand. The book, Before We Eat references many of these food sources.



  • Invite the children to select one of the food pictures.
  • Talk to the children about who helped to bring that food to us.
  • Help each child compose a thank you sentence.  Review with the children what they learned in the book about what different workers do. They plow; plant seeds; remove weeds, pick the food when it’s ripe; feed the animals; milk the cows and so on.

Here’s a sample template for the letter.
Thank you to the worker who ___________________________________;
(invite the child to fill in this blank with an action that the worker did to prepare this food us)

And helped bring this ___________________________ to my table.  
(let the children paste the picture of their food in this space)


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