Before We Eat: From Farm to Table

Before We Eat Book Cover

I love every picture in this book but if forced to choose my favorite, it would be the one on the back cover. It shows a group of people of varying ages, races, and genders sharing a meal at a long table in the beautiful outdoors.  A hint of the moon, a starlit sky, and glowing lanterns set the tone for this narrative non-fiction story.

We see this same gathering of people on the opening page. Many questions come to mind. Who are these people? Why are they gathered? What are they celebrating?  As we read the first two pages, we find out that the people at this table have something special in store for us. They are going to introduce us to all the workers who did their jobs so that a lovely meal could be served.

“As we sit around this table
Let’s give thanks as we are able;

To all the folks we’ll never meet
Who helped provide this food we eat.”

The rest of the book takes us on a visual tour of all the workers who have anything to do with getting food from farm to table.  The Caldecott winning illustrator uses wood carvings and ink to create the pictures. They are visually stunning.  The sparse but poignant text, along with the lyrical cadence makes this a story that will be pleasant to read over and over again. 
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