A Kindness Hunt

If Kids Ran the World Book Cover

In the story, If I Ran the World, we see lots of examples of children being kind. Browse through the illustrations of the book with your students and ask them to find all the ways they see kindness being shown.

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Social and Emotional Development

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock or cardboard cut into the shape of a magnifying glass.magnifying glass

  • Clear contact paper or clear cellophane

  • Glue or tape

​Preparation:  As teachers, we often give praise for when a child does a kind act. This activity invites the child to become more observant of kind acts done by other people — in the classroom, in the school, at home, and in the community.

Activity:  We’re going on a Kindness Hunt. Do you know what a hunt is? Have you ever been on an Easter Egg hunt? We’re looking for kindness. What do you think that looks like? How can we tell if people are being kind? Sometimes you have to watch people really carefully to see acts of kindness.

 Let’s make magnifying glasses to help us on our hunt!  Use the materials listed above to make pretend magnifying glasses.

1.    Take a walk through your school and look for signs of kindness
2.    Take a walk through your neighborhood and look for signs of kindness
3.    Take your magnifying glass home and look for acts

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