If I Ran the Classroom

If Kids Ran the World Book Cover

In the story, If I Ran the World, we see lots of ways for children to be kind, generous, and giving to make a better world. Given that the world is a very abstract concept for young children, let’s adapt the message from this story to a classroom setting. In this activity, children will think of ways that they can make their classroom a kinder, more peaceful place. 

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Social and Emotional Development

Materials Needed:

  • Drawing paper

  • Crayons, markers

​Preparation:  Review with the children all the things that kids did in the story to make the world a better place. Before we can make the world a better place, we should think of ways to make our own classroom better.

Activity*:  Make a classroom book called If Kids Ran the Classroom. Ask each child to think of one way to make the classroom a happier place where everyone is cared for kindly, welcomed warmly, and protected from harm.   The children can illustrate their ideas and the teacher can help the children write their messages for each page of the book.


*Based on the story, If Kids Ran the World  by Leo & Diane Dillon, The Blue Sky Press, 2014.  

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