How to Set Up a Small Preschool Classroom

Arranging a classroom layout is hard enough, let alone when space is limited. Consider the following tips to create a cozy, space-efficient classroom for your students!

Think Communal

Set up a collective supply corner. This approach is a win-win, as you will begin to instill a sense of community, while simultaneously teaching students the importance of sharing. Use space saving storage boxes or a folding storage unit, and be sure to label supplies clearly. The more organized, the better!

For additional supplies or overflow items, consider a large storage unit. By committing a good amount of space to organized storage, limited classroom space will be used more efficiently. This will allow you to simply pick and choose when to pull out supplies, based on your weekly plans.

In small spaces, multi-functional furnishings are ideal, so why not use the storage cabinet as a display for your children’s artwork as well? Just be sure not to tape over the handles, or door openings!

Who Needs Assigned Seating?

Don’t waste space with unnecessary desks or seating options, as these tend to take up a lot of real estate on the classroom floor. Instead, set up a small, dedicated corner with a couple of tables and chairs. Be sure to include rotating activities within your lesson plans, so you can ensure students have a turn at the desk area, when the activity calls for it.

With additional room on the floor, set up a comfy rug in the middle of the classroom, and use this as a main huddle area. If you’re feeling creative, consider some other seating options, such as circle spots or adorable animal sounds.

Portables are Your Friends

The convenience of mobile and multi-use solutions can’t be denied, especially in a limited space setting. Save on space, and consider setting up portable stations based on your classroom themes or lesson plans.

While your classroom layout may not allow room for a dedicated listening center, a rolling listening cart center may be the solution. Simply store the center until it is needed, and set up when necessary.

A portable easel can also serve as an alternative for an art corner. Pop the easel up when needed, and store when it is no longer in use. This is a real space saver, as it folds very easily into its own storage case.

A multi-purpose cart is another excellent space saving solution. As you plan ahead, simply dip into your supply closet and pull out the items that are needed for the following day. With convenient removable boxes, you can easily set up different activities within the classroom, and leave the kids to it!

Think Outside of the Box

Running out of space to display your students’ masterpieces? The creative use of a clothesline will put their work front and center, without taking up excess space.

Magnetic storage boxes can also add a fun pop of color, while providing additional storage.

Transform your storage into seating! Using a storage tote as your base, add a rectangular cushion to make it double as student seating.

Don’t Force Things to Fit

Approach your classroom set up with an open mind. Don’t try and force things to fit if they don’t. Instead, focus on smart, space-saving alternatives for your needs!


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