Infants & Toddlers

We know you're passionate about helping infants and toddlers learn and grow. So we're happy to present these blog articles about infant & toddler child care. From understanding infant behavior to fostering a safe, comfortable place for toddlers to play, our insightful articles are here to guide and inspire. 

Week of the Young Child: Family Friday!

The Week of the Young Child™ Family Friday is all about celebrating families! Read More >

Week of the Young Child: Artsy Thursday!

The Week of the Young Child™ Arsty Thursday is all about inspiring children to be creative in the classroom! Read More >

Week of the Young Child: Work Together Wednesday!

The Week of the Young Child™ believes when children work together, they learn together! Read More >

Week of the Young Child: Tasty Tuesday!

The Week of the Young Child™ is here — Tasty Tuesday can help turn your preschoolers into healthy foodies-in-training! Read More >

Week of the Young Child: Music Monday!

The Week of the Young Child™ is here — sing, dance, celebrate, and learn on Music Monday! Read More >

Eight Classroom Book Sets for Celebrating Spring

Now is the time to break out the spring books for toddlers and preschoolers! Read More >

Infant Discovery of Object Permanence

Are you allowing infants to practice object permanence in the classroom? Read More >

Toddler Storytime Strategies

Looking for toddler storytime ideas? Take a look at these strategies for reading to toddlers. Read More >

Lessons from an Autonomous Toddler

The challenge of fostering toddler autonomy in the child care center. Read More >

10 Best Loose Parts for Infants and Toddlers

Looking for loose parts that are safe in the infant and toddler room? Check out this list. Read More >

Toddlers Often Bite, Right? Calm Down, This Too Shall Pass

Toddlers will bite. Here are some tips on what to do when toddlers bite in the child care center. Read More >

Latest Articles


The Most Important Social and Emotional Learning Tool is Here!

A teacher with a growth mindset is the key to early social emotional learning!

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End of the Year Awards - Character Counts!

Check out these ideas for End of the School Year awards!

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Play Every Day to Keep the Doctor Away

The benefits of children playing outdoors are many. Take a look!

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33 Eco-Friendly Activities for Early Childhood Education

Looking for new Earth Day activities for your early childhood classroom? Check these out!

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Let Them Play: Six Strategies to Promote Play

Looking for new ideas to promote play in the early childhood classroom? Check out these ideas!

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Yoga & Mindfulness Monday: The Bat Pose!

Inversions like the "bat" pose are considered the king of yoga poses. Learn more!

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Ways to Celebrate Music in our Schools Month in Early Childhood Classrooms

Some easy ways to celebrate music in the preschool and PreK classrooms this month and beyond!

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Outdoor Learning: Tips for Beyond the Classroom Walls

Four tips to help ensure outdoor learning is productive for your students.

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Interview with Yoga and Mindfulness Educator Bari Koral

We asked Bari Koral a few questions about her journey in developing yoga and mindfulness programs for children

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Journey into Mindfulness and Yoga in the Early Childhood Classroom

Easy ways to incorporate aspects of yoga and mindfulness into your early childhood classroom.

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