Sensory Toys for Kids

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Teaching Tac-Tiles

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Using your sense of touch is more fun with a bag of funky-feeling shapes! Use for special needs and math, language, and fine motor skill development. 20 2" shapes, 5 textures, 10 match cards. Ages 3+... More Info

Jumbo Textured Food Dominoes

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Jumbo Texture Food Dominoes are an ideal way to help children develop tactile discrimination and visual perception–using healthy food shapes with varying textures! A set comprises 28 double-sided... More Info

Tactile Domino Game - Fruits and Veggies

Regular Price: $25.99 Your Price: $23.39

Play familiar games with "tastefully" designed pieces that are made to last!  28 Dominoes that feature 12 different fruits and vegetables. Measure 3" x 1½".  Ages 2+... More Info

Braille Numbers

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Smooth wood tiles offer tactile learning with number imprints and Braille symbols.  Reverse side has corresponding leaf imprints. Numbers 1-10. 10 pieces measuring 2½" x 3". Ages 2+... More Info

Weight Cylinders

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

This activity develops a child's ability to perceive and differentiate weights, while building concentration and focusing skills. Use the plastic grips to lift the wooden cylinders and make... More Info

Braille Alphabet

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Smooth wood tiles offer tactile learning with A-Z  letter imprints and Braille symbols. Tiles are two-sided and feature upper and lower case letters. Pieces measure 2½" x 3". Ages 2+... More Info

Sound Box

Regular Price: $46.99 Your Price: $42.29

Let's make some noise! Shake the wooden cubes by their sturdy plastic handles to hear each unique rattling sound and then find its match. Look through the translucent colored acrylic on the base of... More Info

Sensory Stones

Regular Price: $32.99 Your Price: $29.69

These large tactile stones enable children to have sensory experiences by exploring shapes and patterns. The set includes four raised/bumpy designs (circles, dots, wavy lines and a grid) and four... More Info

Teachable Touchables Texture Squares

Regular Price: $31.49 Your Price: $28.34

Build tactile awareness and vocabulary skills as children interact with these twenty (10 different pairs) texture squares in a variety of "hands-on" activities. Each textured pillow or patch is... More Info

Tactile Turn 'n Match

Regular Price: $52.49 Your Price: $47.24

Take your tactile senses for a spin! Five pentagonal shapes rotate on a stationary rod, displaying a different tactile texture on each side. Mix or match the textures from left to right, or play... More Info

Texture Dominoes

Regular Price: $22.99 Your Price: $20.69

Texture dominoes are an ideal way to help children develop tactile discrimination and visual perception. Complete with 28 wooden dominoes with textured circles for matching. Great for visual and... More Info

Mystery Feeling Box

Regular Price: $42.99 Your Price: $38.69

Increase childrens visual and tactile senses as well as their attention to detail with this innovatively designed Mystery Box. Placing different objects within the box to retrieve provides a wide... More Info

Feel & Find

Regular Price: $32.89 Your Price: $29.60

Contains matching wooden shapes and textured tiles provided in a durable cloth bag. Deal out the tiles and have children reach into the bag to Feel & Find the corresponding wooden shapes. A great... More Info

Rainbow Sound Blocks

Regular Price: $37.69 Your Price: $33.92

Wonder Sensory Blocks

Regular Price: $27.69 Your Price: $24.92

All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors

Regular Price: $34.99 Your Price: $31.49

Help young children learn all about themselves with easy-to-hold, double-sided mirrors! One side is a regular mirror; the other side is a "fun mirror" that warps reflections. Use to teach body... More Info

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Need Sensory Toys for Kids? We've Got All The Sensory Products You'll Need is Right Here!

Young children learn through sensory experiences. When children's senses are stimulated, they benefit cognitively, linguistically, physically, and in other ways. Some children are more sensitive than others to sensory input so it is important to have a wide selection of learning materials that are appropriate for different needs and learning styles. Experiment with different tactile and auditory inputs for calming excitable children.

We have a large array of sensory products and sensory toys for kids. Sensory games such as Texture Dominoes and Tactile Turn 'n Match strengthen tactile perception. Fidget toys help children relax. The meditation chime helps children focus. Sensory tiles helps children visually process their environment. Browse all of our sensory toys and games here.

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