Magnetic Play Sets, Blocks & Toys for Kids


Becker's PowerClix STEM Sets

Regular Price: $52.99-$93.99 Your Price: $47.69-$84.59

Teachable moments? Powerful interactions? Pre-K STEM Lessons? It all happens right here with this custom set of PowerClix that includes the magnetic easy click 'n connect building shapes and a set of... More Info

Magnet Marvel

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Children discover which objects are and are not magnetic, by sliding the attached magnet over the acrylic cover. There are no loose parts. Objects stay within the 16 compartments of the wooden box, 8... More Info

Magnetos Better Builders

Regular Price: $52.49-$167.99 Your Price: $47.24-$151.19

With super strong magnetic force, unique rods, ball configurations and myriad design possibilities, Magnetos just got better!  Magnatos Better Builders are a wonderfully inventive way to help children... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Magnetic Puzzle Game Set

Regular Price: $29.99 Your Price: $26.99

If you have some children that shy away from puzzles, try these traditional puzzles with some added incentive built-in! Children use a magnetic rod to pick up each puzzle piece.  Each magnet matches... More Info

Magnetic Fishing Set

Regular Price: $30.99 Your Price: $27.89

Kids will get "caught" up in the manipulative fun of attracting any of these 10 floating magnetic plastic fish. The 2 plastic bamboo-style poles extend to 24" long and have super strong magnets. Ages... More Info

Classroom Magnet Lab Kit

Regular Price: $38.79 Your Price: $34.91

Everyone gets hands-on exploration with this complete 119-piece classroom set for 25 students. Includes: 100 magnetic chips, 5 large magnetic marbles, 7 magnetic wands, 2 metal bar magnets, 2 metal... More Info

Magic Magnetic Shapes

Regular Price: $23.99 Your Price: $21.59

Unique 3 dimensional magnetic construction blocks incorporating colorful shapes for endless creations. Available in 54 pieces including a magnetic play board. Ages 4+... More Info

Flower Match Garden Patch

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Kids will love playing in our garden as they match flower petals and stems as the perfect way to teach color and shape-matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern-recognition in a fun, game-like... More Info

Animal Train Sort & Match

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

An award-winning educational tool for teaching color-matching, shape-matching and pattern-recognition in a fun, game-like setting. Animal train sort and match includes six double-sided pattern cards,... More Info

Construction Truck Sort & Match

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Construction truck sort and match is the perfect way to teach color and shape-matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern-recognition in a fun, game-like setting. Heavy-duty pieces with embedded magnets... More Info

My Family Builders, Set of 32

Regular Price: $55.49 Your Price: $49.94

Create your own combination of family and friends with MyFamilyBuilders™ wood-crafted magnetic block sets. Celebrate diversity with figures that show a variety of skin tones and facial features. Just... More Info

Magnetic Color Matching

Regular Price: $40.99 Your Price: $36.89

Guide the colored balls into the matching colored pencils using the attached magnetic wands. The 11½" square wooden base is enclosed under an acrylic panel. Ages 3+... More Info

Tegu Train

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $37.79

Choo choo! Tegu's magnetic shape train is pulling into the station. With three magnetically connected cars (a circle, a triangle and a square), the blocks can be sorted and stacked into their original... More Info


Tegu Tram

Regular Price: $52.49 Your Price: $47.24

Here comes the Tegu Tram! This set includes three magnetic "cars" and three Tegu characters. Each car contains magnetically interchangable parts—children can sort and stack the pieces any way they... More Info


Magna Tablet Deluxe

Regular Price: $42.99 Your Price: $38.69

Create shapes, animals, letters, vehicles and more! A powerful magnetic pen tip attracts encased metal balls to the small holes on the surface of the grid. The sturdy beech wood frame protects the... More Info


Watch the Attraction to Magnetic Toys & Magnetic Play Sets!

Children of all ages are fascinated by magnetic play sets and activities. Magnetic toys allow children with low muscle tone or reduced muscle strength to feel success with a building toy that might be too frustrating otherwise. Some magnetic toys are self-contained with no loose pieces which make them easy to manage and maintain. Browse our magnetic toys for toddlers here!

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