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Bristle Blocks, 50 Pcs

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

The Bristle Blocks are colorful, soft and sturdy interlocking blocks in a handy storage bucket for endless creation. Encourage block play with 50 colorful and fun shaped pieces. Ages 2+... More Info

Interlox, Panels

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Build, design and create!  No hardware or tools necessary. Simply clip the edges together to create an unlimited array of constructions. Buildings, people, robots, fantasy animals and more... More Info

Giant Nuts & Bolts Set

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

These self-correcting, oversized, geometrically-shaped nuts and bolts give little ones practice in manipulative skills as well as shape and color matching skills. Set of 96. Bolt is 2½"L. Ages 18... More Info


Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

Build incredible mazes of pipeline with 4 types of interlocking tubes. Made of unbreakable plastic. 40 pieces. Ages 3+... More Info

Smart Max Magnetic Metal Balls

Your Price: $12.99*

Use the 6 giant magnetic metal balls to add on to current projects or build something right from your imagination! Ages 1+... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Suspend Jr

Regular Price: $17.99 Your Price: $16.19

Now younger players can take the challenge with this new junior version of Suspend. Bighter, lighter pieces, and simplified game play make it easy! How many rods can you balance before it topples? 25... More Info

Trio Stacking Blocks

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

These Montessori-like materials crafted from select hardwoods encourage children to observe, explore, and develop their cognition skills. Trio Stacking is a stacking toy that can be used to explore... More Info

Ordering Blocks

Regular Price: $15.99 Your Price: $14.39

These finely crafted wood math manipulatives are similar to Montessori materials. Ordering blocks are a great way to introduce your child to ordering, comparing, counting, as well as ratio and... More Info


Regular Price: $15.99 Your Price: $14.39

These finely crafted wood math manipulatives are similar to Montessori materials. This cube set introduces children to ordering, comparing, counting, as well as ratio and area. Blocks measures 1.4 x... More Info

Height & Depth Blocks

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

These finely crafted wood math manipulatives are similar to Montessori materials. Height and Depth Blocks are a great way to introduce children to comparing and measuring as well as learning the... More Info

SmartMax® My First Safari Animals Set

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

Create your own animals for play by connecting SmartMax® magnet bars with the soft animal body parts. Includes 18 pieces. Compatible with all other SmartMax® sets. Ages 12 months+... More Info

Interlox Discs

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Interlox Discs provide colorful, easily interlocking building pieces to engage children in open-ended play. Discs are made of colorful, translucent plastic with multiple notches for flexible building... More Info

Press & Stay Sensory Blocks

Regular Price: $19.99 Your Price: $17.99

Stack and build with chunky blocks that grip on all sides. Easy to connect, easy to pull apart! Set of 24. 2" cubes. Ages 6 months+. **Classroom Materials - First Floor Rooms (Infant)... More Info

Magic Brix

Regular Price: $21.99-$87.99 Your Price: $19.79-$79.19

Safe, soft and uniquely flexible knobby shapes interlock with each other from practically every side.  Includes flexible wheels and axles, construction design ideas and durable storage container... More Info


Giant Polydron Storage Bag

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

The Storage Bag is made of a high-quality, flexible material and is suitable for Giant Polydron and Giant Octoplay . 17" x 17".  Ages 2+... More Info

Brackitz 12-Piece Add-On (Green/Purple)

Regular Price: $9.99 Your Price: $8.99

This 12 piece set contains 6 green 4-Way connectors and 6 purple 3-Way connectors. They are a colorful addition to other popular plank building sets or you can add them to any Brackitz set. These... More Info

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What's New in Building and Construction Toys for Kids?

Becker's has a great selection of building and construction sets for toddlers, two's, preschool and school age children. Building and construction toys for kids are usually made up of components that interlock or fit together in some fashion. Used as an open-ended manipulative, building toys for kids promote creative thinking, problem-solving, language skills, and math concepts. Children can work independently or learn the joys of working cooperatively to build something that's greater than what one person could do alone.

From PowerClix™ to Superstructs™ to Polydron and more, we have the educational building and construction toys that are designed for today's classroom. Children will love constructing with Magna Tiles Magnetic Sets, Flexiblocks Construction Set, and our own Becker's Manipulatives Set, too! The sky is the limit with our large selection of construction and building toys.

The Kid K'NEX® Classroom Collection allows children to build, stack, sort and identify colors, shapes and patterns. Edublocks are interlocking, soft blocks ideal for small hands. The Gears! Gears! Gears!® Beginner's Building Set introduces young children to problem-solving and engineering skills. The Brackitz STEM-building set is designed to promote higher order thinking.

Children will have FUN and learn at the same time with these creative construction sets for all levels and abilities. Stock up on building toys for kids here! If you have any questions or not finding what you're looking for, give us a call 800-523-1490.

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