Wild About Books Interactive Reading Prompt Cards

Wild About Books

Here's your Book Prompt Card for Wild About Books!

What's a Book Prompt Card? A card designed to be cut out and placed inside your Anywhere Pocket.

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Side A

Wild About Books

Before the Story
What do you see on the cover of this book? The title is Wild About Books; what do you think that means? I’m wild about flowers. What are you wild about?  In this story, a librarian, Molly McGrew (can you say that name?) drove her bookmobile right into the zoo!! What happens next is sure to please you!

During the Story
Describe what the animals are doing. Do they handle books like you do? Do they like reading the books? How do you know? Do you hear the rhyming words as I read aloud, like “nooks” and “books,” and “bunches” and “lunches?” Listen for more as I continue to read.

After the Story
Hopefully everyone has a smile on their face at the end of this fun romp through the zoo.  Do you remember all the way to the beginning of the story? Who was Molly McGrew? Why was she in the zoo?  Next time you go to the zoo, do you think you’ll see animals reading?

Becker's School Supplies, ShopBecker.com, Wild About Books, Item # 9780375825385

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Librarian
  • Bookmobile
  • Animals:  ●Mink ● Moose ●Wombat ●Oryx ●Lemur ●Lynx● Skinks● Geckos● Otter● Llama● Raccoon● Hyena● Bandicoot● Tasmanian Devil● Python● Penguin● Porcupine● Cheetah● Gazelle
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies, ShopBecker.com, Wild About Books, Item # 9780375825385
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