What's in the Garden? Interactive Reading Prompt Cards

What's in the Garden?

Here's your Book Prompt Card for What's in the Garden?!

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Side A

What's in the Garden?
Before the Story

Tell me what you see in this picture. I see three ears on this cover, do you? (A little humor is always good to get eveyone’s attention!) Corn grows in a garden; what else grows in a garden? To find out, we need to answer a riddle on each page!

During the Story

Read the first riddle and give children a chance to guess the answer. The page with the answer is full of information. Can the children point to the apple tree? The apple the boy is biting is very juicy. How can you tell?

When you have apples at home, do you pick them off the apple tree? Where do you get them?   On the second and third reading of this book, ask children to be on the lookout for all the living things that are shown on the drawings.

After the Story

If you had a garden, what would you plant? Why? Do you know anyone who has a garden?  What kind of tools do you need to start a garden? What else do you need? Let’s invite someone who has a garden to our class. What questions would we ask?

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Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Riddle - A riddle is a guessing game.  Sometimes the words in a riddle rhyme.
  • Blossoms - The apple riddle uses the word, blossoms. Can you point to the blossoms in the picture? What are they?
  • Bouquet - The broccoli looks like a bouquet. Did you ever see a bouquet of pretty flowers that were given as a gift?
  • Vine - Some vegetables grow on a long green stalk called a vine.
  • Feathery, Flowery, Yummy - Did you hear these words in the book? They all end with the “e” sound. What other words can we use to describe gardens that end in that sound? (buggy, tasty, weedy)
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies, ShopBecker.com, What's in the Garden?, Item # 9781584691907
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