Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Interactive Reading Prompt Cards

Pete the Cat Book Cover

Here's your Book Prompt Card for Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons!

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Side A

Pete the Cat Book Cover
Before the Story

I'm wondering as I look at the picture on the front cover, who is the main character of this story. This cat (Pete) is wearing a yellow jacket. What do you see on his jacket? What else do you see in this picture?

During the Story

This story is designed to be interactive with the repeating question, "How many buttons are left?" every time a button falls off. Be sure to let the children shout out the answer before you turn the page.

After the Story

Review the main message of this story be asking if Pete gets upset when his buttons fall off. Repeat the line from the last page of the book, "I guess it simply goes to show that stuff will come and stuff will go." Start a conversation about things that have been lost and explore different responses and results.

Becker's School Supplies,, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, Item # 110589

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Favorite
  • Popped Off (name other things that can "pop off.")
  • Buttonless (see if the children can catch on if you add "less" to other familiar words, such as homeless, hairless, sleeveless.)
Your Notes
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, Item # 110589
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