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What's in the Garden?

Clearly corn is in the garden judging from the cover of this book! But to learn what else grows in the garden you must first answer a rhyming riddle posed on each right facing page. Turn the page and the answer awaits you and looks good enough to eat!

It comes in a bunch and has quite a crunch!
It’s chopped up in salad and stew.
But spreading some cream cheese in one of the stalks
Is another fun thing you can do.


The Answer: _____________
The reader also gets treated to a recipe using the featured ingredient.  All the recipes and the riddles are child-friendly to the ear and the tummy! The recipes use pictographs to show exactly what you need.

The recipe that goes with the riddle shown above is Ants on a Log (one of my personal favorites).

You’ll do a double take when you realize the images in this book are not photographs. The artfully done drawings have so much realistic detail, you’ll want to reach out and pick that pumpkin! Try not to read this book when you’re too hungry!

If this book stimulates interest in the classroom, you might want to expand the learning with a study of Gardens. Check out Becker’s Exclusive Book Set on Gardens, BSS711840.

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