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The Wind Blew Book Cover

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Side A

The Wind Blew Book Cover
Before the Story

The title of the story is The Wind Blew.  What is happening in the picture on the cover? What happens when you go outside on a windy day? Do you think the man will get his umbrella back? Will the little girl find her balloon again? Let’s find out!

During the Story

This is a story that reads rhythmically and builds in suspense so you might not want to stop for questions. There are some words that will be unfamiliar (see reverse side) that you can introduce before, during, or after the first reading.

After the Story

Talk about what happened on the next to the last page when the wind mixed everything up and threw it all down. How do you think the people were feeling when they got the wrong stuff? Let’s make up another ending for this story. Can we change it so that it’s a happy ending for everyone?

Becker's School Supplies,, The Wind Blew, Item # 9780689717444

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Snatched– Take away something quickly. “The wind snatched the balloon from Priscilla.”  How do you feel when someone snatches something from you?
  • Whipped – Move something very quickly. “The wind whipped a kite into the air.”
  • Hanky – Ask the children if they ever heard of a hanky or a handkerchief. Encourage them to ask their mom or dad to show them one if they have it at home. A hanky is used like a tissue but is made from cloth and can be washed and reused..

Your Notes

Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, The Wind Blew, Item # 9780689717444
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