The Wind Blew A Wind Station*

The Wind Blew Book Cover

In the story, The Wind Blew, a gale force wind picks up and carries everything from an umbrella, a  balloon, newspapers, a shirt, and more up to the sky.  How strong is the wind? What other things can the wind blow? Let’s set up a Wind Station to find out.

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Scientific Reasoning

Materials Needed:

  • Small fan (battery operated or electric)
  • Collection of objects to test:  pencil, feather, rock, hanky or tissue, small paper, wood block, foam block, etc.


Ask the children to describe their experiences with wind. Can the children name all the things that the wind blew in the story?

Activity:  Set up a Wind Station in your classroom.

  • Place a small fan on a low table.
  • Put a collection of items for wind testing on a tray.
  • Each child takes a turn picking one of the items and holding it in front of the fan. Let the item go.  What happens?  See which items the wind can carry away and which items fall right to the floor.
  • Document your results on a chart.


Wind image

*Image and activity idea borrowed from

Follow Up Activity:  Try doing a similar experiment outside on a windy day.

*This activity requires close adult supervision due to the use of a small appliance.

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