The Night Worker

The Night Worker

This story invites us to spend a special night with Alex and his papa. It’s the night when Papa takes his son to work. Alex’s dad is a night worker. He usually leaves after Alex is in bed, but tonight Alex is wide awake. Alex puts on his hardhat and is ready to go! His dad works outside at a construction zone. His dad is an engineer.

The artwork has a dream-like quality and keeps our minds in a dream-like state as we share in their bonding experience. We learn so much about night life through the eyes and ears of young Alex. Machines rattle and clang and stars shine like beacons in the night sky.  The vocabulary is rich and the visual images are stunning. The themes are there for the taking: city life, buildings, construction, night workers, night sounds, and more.

Alex hits the pillow as the morning sun rises and dreams a brand new dream. After you read this story, you might have a few new dreams of your own.

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