The Missing Mitten Collage

The Mitten Book Cover

Nicki’s Baba did not want to knit white mittens because they would be too hard to find against the white snow. This activity is a fun way to illustrate that concept.

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards: Creative Art Expression; Language

Materials Needed:

  • A variety of white objects for making a collage

  • Paper

  • Glue

  • Small mittens pre-cut from white paper

Preparation: Review with the children the part of the story where Nicki asked his Baba for mittens as white as snow. What was Baba’s warning about having white mittens?  In this activity, we’re going to see if it’s hard to find something white on a white background.

Activity:  Put out all of the collage items and instruct the children to cover their whole paper with white materials. When they are finished, give each child a small mitten cut out of white paper.
Tell them to put it somewhere on their collage and ask their friends if they can find the mitten?

 Snow Collage 1   Snow Collage 2

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