Hide and Find

Stripes of All Types Book Cover

The book “Stripes of all Types” shows us how many animals use their markings for camouflage. This game will stimulate conversation about why animals hide and who they hide from.  It can be adapted for all age groups.

Recommended Ages:  Infant/Toddler (modified verson of activity); Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards: Approaches Toward Learning Goals for Infants and Toddlers, Science Knowledge & Skills for Preschool

Materials Needed:

  • Toy animals (animals with stripes would be best; any animals would work)

Preparation:  To prepare for this activity, collect some of the toy animals from the classroom. Hide the animals outside in places that will be easy and safe for the children to access. They can be hidden in tall grass, in the dirt, behind leaves, etc. If you do not have access to a suitable outdoor area, do your best to replicate nature indoors with materials that you collect.



Talk to the children about the animals you learned about in Stripes of All Types.  At the end of the book, there’s a glossary that describes how some of the animals in the story use their stripes for camouflage. Talk with your children about how animals need camouflage to stay protected and safe. In this activity children will need to use their best observation skills to find animals that are hidden in natural habitats.

Activity:  Tell children that when they go outside today, there will be animals that are hidden in the play area. Remind children that animals hide to be safe. When they look for these animals, they will need to be very quiet so the animals do not get scared and run off (we’re using our vivid imaginations now).   Talk to children about how to find things that are hidden using these tips:

  • Walk quietly
  • Look low
  • Look high
  • Look side to side
  • Look under things
  • Look behind things

Bring all the animals back into the classroom along with some leaves, twigs, and dirt. Let the children play the Hide and Find Game in the sensory tub or in the block area.

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