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Smelling Sunshine

A visual treat that opens our eyes to laundry day in a whole new way! This story takes us on an imaginary tour around the globe to see how clothes are washed and dried.  Every page bursts with a beautiful variety of colors and patterns. The characters speak volumes through their expressions though they do not speak aloud in the story.  The whole story is told through the narration of a child.

Smelling Sunshine is an easy read. It’s short with few words on each page.  It almost reads more like a poem  - the language is rich with descriptive words and phrases that dance off the pages.  At some point you forget this is a book about washing clothes!

By the end, we’re almost bemoaning the day that the laundry room or Laundromat replaced the laundry line!

If this book stimulates interest in the classroom, you might want to expand the learning with a theme about clothing. Check out this book set, Clothing, BSS312150.

Clothing Theme Book Set

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