Plant a Little Seed: Seed Packet Match Game

Plant a Little Seed

In the story, Plant A Little Seed, two friends learn a lot about seeds and gardening.   When children play the match game below, they’ll be reminded of the connection between seeds, plants, and the foods they eat!

Recommended Ages:  Toddlers; Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Language and Communication (Emergent Literacy); Cognition (Memory)

Materials Needed:


Collect enough seed packets so that you have two of each to create a match. It doesn’t need to be an exact match as long as the children can make an association (e.g. plum tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes).  Attach each seed packet to a card and cover with contact paper. 

Activity:  Play this game the same way you play any traditional match game. Start with enough matches to make the game challenging and rewarding. Children take turns turning over cards and finding matches. 

 Extensions:  When you are done playing this game in your classroom – send the seed packs (if they’re unopened) home with the children along with a friendly note about everything you learned about seeds and vegetables in school!

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