Plant a Little Seed Growing a Garden Mural Activity

Plant a Little Seed

In the story, Plant A Little Seed, two friends start with seeds; add hard work, patience, and dreams; and end up with a harvest big enough to feed their families and friends!

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Scientific Reasoning; Social/Emotional Development

Materials Needed:

* You could cover the mural paper with contact paper so that children can attach and remove items from the mural to make the activity more engaging and interactive. 


Review the sequence of events in the story, Plant a Little Seed starting with planting seeds and ending with harvesting. Remind the children that the friends in the story needed a lot of patience. Tell the children we’re going to grow a garden inside our classroom one step at a time.

Activity:  The steps in this activity can take place over days or weeks. Gardens don’t grow overnight!

 Step 1: “Plant” seeds on the mural. Create tools out of your collage materials to add to mural.
Step 2: Add rain clouds or watering cans to the mural so we know the seeds are getting watered.
Step 3: Let the sun shine in. Add a sun. 
Step 4: Add some curious animals and other garden critters.
Step 5: Wait and Dream.
Step 6: Add sprouting leaves.
Step 7: Add root vegetables growing down and other fruits and vegetables growing up.
Step 8: Wait, Dream, Smile.
Step 9: Add a scarecrow (optional).
Step 10: Pretend to gather the harvest; invite friends to the table, and enjoy a feast!

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