Plant a Little Seed

Plant a Little Seed

The book, Plant a Little Seed, is full of wonderful themes for the early childhood classroom. There are the obvious lessons about seeds, plants, and gardening but so much more. We learn about friendship, community, patience, working together, sharing, and other topics that are ripe for young children!

The story begins with “We plant a little seed or two or three or four or more . . .” And then there’s waiting, and more waiting, dreaming, and more dreaming, celebrating, and finally harvesting. We watch vegetables grow up, we see some grow down, some plants grow fast, and some grow slow. But most of all we learn it’s worth the wait!

The words flow smoothly and rhythmically which makes it a great read-aloud.   The images are teeming with as much life as the garden itself!  Repeated readings will be fun as children discover new surprises on each double-page spread. Of course, as any good gardening book does, it leads us to a delicious-looking meal celebrating the harvest. And the added gift of this story is that it takes us full circle by ending the same way it began by the children saying “we plant a little seed or two.”

Plant A Little Seed is available on and it is also included along with our other favorite gardening books in our Garden Book Set.

Reviewed by Leslie S. Eslinger, Education and Product Specialist, Becker's School Supplies

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