Is This Wolf Real or Make-Believe?

Little Red Riding Hood Book cover

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Science Knowledge & Skills; Literacy Knowledge & Skills

Suggest Books & Resources:

Activity:  Tell the children that you’re going to find out about real wolves and make-believe wolves. Start by asking children to tell you what they know about wolves.  Here are some prompts: Hmmmm. I wonder where wolves live.  I wonder what wolves eat. What do their babies look like? How do wolves take care of their babies? At this point accept all the characteristics they name whether fact or fiction.

After you read Little Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale, ask your students to describe the wolf they met in this story.  Write down their comments on the first chart. 
Prompt the children to comment on how the wolf is dressed; how he moves; does he make sounds or does he use words? What does he eat?

Introduce the children to a non-fiction story about wolves. Ask the children to list all the things they learned about wolves from this book.

Post the 2 charts in the classroom. Invite children to draw pictures of pretend wolves or real wolves and display them next to the matching charts.

​  ​

Wolves in Stories​​
Wolves in the Wild​

Wear clothes


Act Silly


Have fur

Make howling sounds

Walk on all four legs

Travel in packs

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