Finding Poetry

daniel finds a poem book cover

In the story, Daniel Finds a Poem, we learn something magical about poetry.  If you look and listen very carefully, you’ll find poetry everywhere!

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standard:  Language and Literacy

Materials:  A collection of poetry books or examples of poetry that you can find on line.

Preparation:  Read a few short poems at group time each day for a week.

Activity:  Go on a Poetry Walk. This walk can be anywhere. It can be in the classroom, in the play yard, or around the neighborhood.

  • Tell the children that you’re going on a walk to find poetry!
  • Look carefully at the things you see.
  • Listen carefully to sounds you hear.
  • Use your imagination to think of ways to describe what you see with expressive words.
  • To the teacher: Use a cell phone video camera or recorder to capture all the language from the walk.

For young children it’s best to select concrete items as a focus. Their poetic descriptions might sound like this:

  • Chair – Poetry is squeaky legs on a cold tile floor.
  • Clock – Poetry is the tick tock sound of the white and black clock.
  • Flower – Poetry is a sweet smell and soft petals.
  • Concrete – Poetry is hard, hard, scratchy, scratchy.
  • Bee – Poetry is buzzing yellow stripes.

Follow Up:  Write each poetic description on a separate piece of drawing paper. Invite children to choose one to illustrate. Plan an event to showcase the illustrated poetry. Post signs for Poetry in the Classroom Day!

Poetry is buzzing yellow stripes image

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