The Peddler Tries Something New

Circus Caps for Sale Book Cover

In the stories, Caps for Sale and Circus Caps for Sale, the peddler carries his wares on his head. This activity calls on the children to use their STEM skills, a Maker Movement mentality, and some brainstorming to help the peddler do his job more effectively!

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Approaches to Learning; Mathematics, Scientific Reasoning

Materials Needed:

  • To be determinded by children's brainstorming session

  • Large chart paper


Prepare the chart paper with this heading, How do People Carry Things?


Review the stories, Caps for Sale and Circus Caps for Sale in small groups or with the whole class. Ask the children some open-ended questions:

Why does the peddler use his head to carry all the caps? 
Why does the peddler carry so many caps at one time?
Tell the children that it’s their job to help the peddler find another way to carry his caps. Let’s list all of the ways that people carry things. Your chart might look like this.
How Do People Carry Things?
Suitcases imageIn a bagBox Image
In a box
In a backpack
​  In a wheel barrowWheel barrow image
In a wagon
In a basket
In a suitcase


How can we find out which is the best way to carry items from place to place? Which one do you think would be best for the peddler? Let’s bring some of these items to our classroom and test them. Which one do you think is the best for the peddler to use?

Draw a picture showing how the peddler can carry his caps in a different way. Write a letter to the peddler to tell him your idea!

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