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Circus Caps for Sale Book Cover

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Side A

Circus Caps for Sale Book Cover
Before the Story

The title of the story is Circus Caps For Sale. Does this book cover remind you of another story that you’ve seen?  In this story the peddler is still trying to sell his caps. The peddler’s name is Pezzo and the elephant’s name is Jumbo. Let’s find out where Pezzo and Jumbo meet and what happens next. 

During the Story

What happened that made the peddler feel sad? We see the peddler sitting on the bench and the author says, “At last, the peddler gave up!” What does it mean to “give up?” What do you think he should do?

After the Story

There were pictures of lots of circus acts in this book. Let’s name all the ones we can remember. What was the peddler’s circus act?  Let’s all stand up and pretend we’re the peddler at the circus. How does he walk to keep the caps on his head?

Becker's School Supplies,, Circus Caps for Sale, Item # 9780064437936

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Peddler – Someone who sells things. A peddler usually travels to different places to show people new items. 
  • Enormous– Huge, very big. The peddler saw an enormous circus tent. 
  • Boss – A person who is in charge. A boss makes important decisions. Sometimes bosses tell people what to do at their jobs.
Your Notes
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, Circus Caps for Sale, Item # 9780064437936
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