Blocks Tell a Block Story

Blocks Book Cover

The story Blocks is a great book for toddlers. The plot is easy to follow and offers just enough suspense to hold a young listener’s attention.   It’s a great opportunity to teach early literacy skills including listening, focusing, making connections, and comprehension.

Recommended Ages:  Toddler/Preschool

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Language and Literacy; Social and Emotional Development

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard Blocks - If you do not have red, blue, and green blocks for this activity you can make them by covering square or rectangular tissue boxes with colored contact paper.
  • Blocks by Irene Dickson


Place red blocks, blue blocks and green blocks in the reading area. For toddlers, start with just a few blocks of each color.


Children will use props to help you read the story, Blocks.  After you read the book all the way through, tell the children that they are going to act out the story.

Cardboard Blocks Image 1Use the children’s names as you retell the story and ask the children to do just what the words say.Cardboard Blocks Image 2

For example:
“Casey has red blocks. Casey builds with her red blocks.” 
“Brett has blue blocks. Brett builds with his blue blocks.”

Encourage children to show the emotions that Ruby and Benji show in the story.
Take turns acting out the story with all the children who want to participate.

Extension Activities with colored cardboard blocks:  Place one block of each color in front of the children.
• As you say a color, ask the children to point to the matching block.Cardboard Block Image 3
• Now point to a block and ask the children to name the color.
• When the children aren’t looking take away one block. What color is missing?
• Touch each block and count 1, 2, 3.  Take one away. Count again.
• Start with 2 blocks. Count the blocks. Add one. Count again.
• Ask children to build the tallest tower they can with 3 blocks.
• Ask children to make a long building with 3 blocks.

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