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Blocks Book Cover

Here's your Book Prompt Card for Blocks!

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Side A

Blocks Book Cover
Before the Story

The title of the story is Blocks.  What do you see on the cover?  The big blocks are cut out so you can feel them. Let’s name the colors. The girl is holding a ___ block and the boy is holding a ____ block.
To the teacher: Since the letters are printed so big, it might be useful to point to each one and name the letter and then repeat the word.

During the Story

Encourage the children to think about how Ruby and Benji feel on each page. Look at their facial expressions. How do you feel when you are playing? How do you feel when someone takes one of your toys? Show me a sad face. Show me a happy face.

After the Story

The author gives us something to think about at the end of this story. What will Ruby and Benji do when Guy shows up with his green blocks?

Becker's School Supplies,, Blocks, Item # 686567

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • This book uses very simple language which is perfectly appropriate for toddlers. It might be more instructive to introduce words that will come up in conversation during this story though they’re not on the printed pages.
    • Serious– Ruby looks serious when she’s building with her blocks. She’s concentrating hard on her play.
    • Surprised – Ruby looks surprised when Benji takes her red block. Sometimes surprised is a happy response; sometimes it causes someone to be startled and not happy.
    • Angry – Ruby and Benji look angry when they are fighting over the same block. Show me an angry face. What makes you feel angry? The opposite of angry is calm. What makes you feel calm?
    • Happy – Happy is a good feeling. Find a page in the book when Ruby and Benji look happy. What makes you feel happy?

Your Notes

Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, Blocks, Item # 686567
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