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Thank you Irene Dickson.  You totally understand the trials and tribulations of toddlers in the block corner on any given day!

This truly delightful story uses large double-page spreads to share the experiences of Ruby and Benji on a typical day in school. I applaud the publisher who recognized that these pictures needed to be big and expansive and created an 11” x 11” book size. Young children will be able to easily follow the story line through the expressive faces and recognizable body postures of the main characters. The events from beginning to end would probably have occurred over a 6 minute time span but here we get to watch the play experience unfold step by step.

Tell me if you recognize this scenario. One child is playing peacefully in the block area lost in her own thoughts; another child settles in for some parallel play; and then you hear a crash!  One child decides to take a block from the other child’s stash.  Do I need to go on? Can you predict what happens next? It’s all you’re imagining plus a surprise twist at the end!

Your toddlers and preschoolers will likely relate to the events of this story. It presents a great opportunity to open a conversation about personal space, sharing, and conflict resolution.

I’m going to go as far as to say you might want two copies of this book. One should be on display in the block area as a visual reminder of Ruby and Benji’s effective problem solving and the other one should be readily available for story time in the reading area.

Here’s hoping that peace reigns supreme in your block area after a few readings of this book!

Reviewed by Leslie S. Eslinger, Education and Product Specialist, Becker's School Supplies

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