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Before We Eat Book Cover

Here's your Book Prompt Card for Before We Eat!

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Side A

Before We Eat Book Cover
Before the Story

Point to and read the title of the book. This book has an author and an illustrator. Do you see their names on the cover?
Let’s look at the people pictured on the cover. What is each person holding? Now we’re going to do something we never do. We’re going to look at the back cover before we even read the story! What do you see in this picture? Hmmm, I wonder what we’re going to learn about in this book.

During the Story

Try not to stop too many times during the first reading so the children can capture the cadence and hear the rhymes. On follow-up readings, help children notice if the picture is of something happening inside or outside. This exercise  will help them focus on the beautiful landscapes and backgrounds on each page.

After the Story

Let’s count all the workers on the last page. Wow – all those people had to do their jobs so that we could have food on our table. How do you think we should thank them?

Becker's School Supplies,, Before We Eat, Item # 482526

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters

There are lots of action words in this story. Can the children act out these motions?

  • Plowed
  • Planted
  • Picked
  • Fed
  • Milked
  • Gathered
  • Fished
Your Notes
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, Before We Eat, Item # 482526
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