Letter Play

Alpha Oops! Book Cover

Ages/Grades:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Learning Domains:  Creative Arts Expression; Literacy Knowledge & Skills

Materials Needed:



Create letter puppets by attaching cut-out letters to craft sticks or wooden spoons.


Alphabet Puppets‚Äč

Set the Stage: 

In the story Alpha Oops we get to know the personalities of some of the letters. We’re going to make letter puppets and act out a letter story!  Let’s find out where our letter puppets want to be in the alphabet line. To the teacher: It’s best if you have an alphabet chart on display as a reference.

Maybe letter A is tired of always being at the beginning and wants to move to the end. Maybe letter X feels lonely at the end of the alphabet and wants to be near his new friend, P. Each letter puppet says if they want to be at the beginning, middle or end of the alphabet.


Have the children help you make simple letter puppets or prepare them in advance. Invite 3 children at a time to put on a Letter Play. Each child selects one letter puppet. The play starts with each puppet saying their letter name and a word that begins with their letter sound.

Hi, I’m letter P. I make the sound “p” like in the word please. I’m polite so I’ll let you be in front of me.

Hi, I’m letter T. I make the sound “t” like in the word turtle. I move slowly. I want to be at the end of the alphabet.

At the end of the puppet play, remind the children to take a bow! To be followed by loud applause!

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