Crazy Mixed-Up Alphabet

Alpha Oops! Book Cover

Ages/Grades: Kindergarten

Learning Domains: Literacy Knowledge & Skills; Language Development

Materials Needed:


Decide if you want to do this activity on a magnetic surface, felt board, or on a table. You might want to put magnets on the back of each letter or a hook and loop fastener. Cut out letters that are large enough for young children to easily manipulate. Start with the first five letters of the alphabet for this activity.

Set the Stage: 

After hearing the story Alpha Oops, you might think about the sequence of the letters in a new way. In this activity, we’re going to give some of the letters personalities and put them in order based on their characteristics and behavior!

To the Teacher: 

You can brainstorm with the children a list of descriptive words that match each letter sound or use the following suggestions to get started. In the activity, we can put the alphabet in any order we want to make a Crazy Mixed-Up Alphabet! Start with the first 5 letters to make this a manageable task.


Character/Descriptive Traits for Alphabet Letters
A is for Awesome, Antsy, Acrobatic, Agile
B is for Bully, Bossy, Big, Brave
C is for Coward, Calm, Caring
D is for Daring, Dreamy, Dramatic
E is for Energetic, Easy-going, Enthusiastic

Here’s how I might start the conversation. Our letter A is antsy. Be sure to emphasize the “a” sound in the word “antsy,” as one of the sounds that the letter A makes. What does it mean to be antsy? It means you can’t sit still; you’re fidgety, impatient, etc. Do you ever feel antsy? If the letter A is antsy – where do you think she’ll want to be in the alphabet line up?

Our letter B is a bully. How does a bully act? Where do you think the bully would want to be in the alphabet line up? What do you think Bully B would say to Antsy A?

Continue until all the letters are placed. Read the new Crazy Mixed-Up Alphabet out loud together.

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