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Here's your Book Prompt Card for A Visitor for Bear!

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Side A

Before the Story

The title of the story is A Visitor for Bear. Look at the picture on the cover. Who is Bear’s visitor?  How do you feel when you have a visitor at home or at school? Let’s find out how Bear feels.

During the Story

Look carefully at the picture when Bear shows mouse to the door for the first time. There’s a clue that tells us that it’s fall outside. What do you see that tells us that?
How do you think the mouse got in the house when the door was locked tight? At the point that Bear begins to soften, ask the children, “Why didn’t Bear want mouse to leave?”

After the Story

Name all the ways that Bear tried to keep the mouse out of his house. Why do you think the mouse persisted in coming into Bear’s house?  At the beginning of the story, mouse feels unwanted and looks sad. What happens to make mouse feel happy at the end?

Becker's School Supplies,, A Visitor for Bear, Item # 628079

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Cupboard – Some people call this a kitchen cabinet.
  • Visitor– Someone that visits or shows up for a certain amount of time. Talk about visitors that you’ve had at home or in your classroom.
  • Farewell – Another way to say goodbye.
Your Notes
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, A Visitor for Bear, Item # 628079
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