Hide and Seek Mouse

A Visitor for Bear Book Cover

In the story,  A Visitor for Bear, the mouse is the surprise guest! Little mouse hides in lots of places in Bear’s house. If a mouse wanted to hide in our classroom – where would she hide?

Recommended Ages:  Toddlers; Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Cognition; Mathematics Development

Materials Needed:

  • Pretend mouse (a cat toy from a pet store, a stuffed animal, a plastic toy)


Surprise the children at circle time and tell them that a (pretend) mouse wanted to visit and since we weren’t here last night to let her in, she snuck in and hid.  We don’t want to scare the mouse so we’ll need to look around very quietly.  It’s very important to listen to the clues of where she is hiding.  Repeat this game until the children tire of it!

Use positional words for clues:
•    Under  Mouse Image‚Äč
•    On top of
•    Inside
•    Next to
•    Near (e.g. near the sand table)
•    Behind
•    Below
•    Between

Repeat this game until the children tire of it!

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