A Visitor for Bear

A Visitor for Bear Book Cover

Author:  Bonny Becker

Illustrator:  Kady MacDonald Denton

  1. Interactive Story Time & Prompt Cards
  2. Activity: Welcome Visitor
  3. Activity:  Hide and Seek Mouse
No one ever came to Bear’s house.
It had always been that way, and Bear
Was quite sure he didn’t like visitors.
He even had a sign.
This is how the story begins along with a picture of Bear’s front door with this sign.
NO Visitors Allowed​


I’ve read this book multiple times and I still find myself smiling and giggling as heartily as I did after the first reading. It’s a 10 on the cuteness scale!

A Visitor for Bear is a great choice for a read-aloud with so much entertainment built into the images and the engaging text.  Even the most novice story book reader will do well with this one.  The words on the pages literally get big every time a loud voice is required. The facial expressions on the bear and mouse fit the story’s events to a tee and almost tell the story on their own!

The story carries messages that will touch each of us. Have you ever had the displeasure of knowing a grouchy, growly, inflexible person? That’s who Bear represents at the beginning of the story. Have you ever felt all your kind and gentle persistence in trying to make a friend is hopeless?  That would be our mouse character in this story. But when we see them enjoying a spot of tea by story’s end – we’re comforted to learn that friendship wins out!

 If you like a story that has suspense, surprise, adorableness, predictable events, and a roller coaster of emotions – you’re in for a treat.

Reviewed by Leslie S. Eslinger, Education and Product Specialist, Becker's School Supplies

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