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Shhh!   You've just entered the Becker's Book Corner. A quiet peaceful place. A place where you can come anytime you want to curl up and read about wonderful books for young children.

Ahhh!   A place to get excited about books, ideas, and connections. Think about how this book might spark some interesting discussion or relate to a topic of study or thematic unit

Hmmm!   A place to wonder. Will my students relate to the characters in this book? Will they relate to the storyline? Is there something new and wonderful to share with them? What activities can I do to build on the story?

Featured Book

Blocks Book Cover

Author:  Micha Archer

  1. Interactive Story Time & Prompt Cards
  2. Activity: Finding Poetry

Daniel wants to solve a mystery. What is poetry? He can read the sign that says, “Poetry in the Park,” but now he needs to figure out what that means. In this story, we follow Daniel as he takes us on a week-long mission through the park to ask every creature he comes upon.

The colors and pictures in this story are poetic in themselves. They are done in collage-style and filled with all of the sun-drenched colors of nature. The gorgeous colors grace every inch of each page with barely a white speck to be seen.

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