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Leaves Rubbing Plates

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

Lay paper over rubbing plate and rub with a crayon to make patterns on paper. Leaf Rubbing Plates are versatile and fun for art, design, science, geography and much more! Add texture to artwork by... More Info

Insects Rubbing Plates

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

Roylco Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates

Regular Price: $9.99 Your Price: $8.99

Create interesting optical illusions with versatile rubbing plates. Combine colors and designs to make a variety of patterns. Can be used with paint, pencils, and crayons. 6 per package. 7" x 7"... More Info

Junior Rubbing Plates

Regular Price: $11.49 Your Price: $10.34

Reveal geometric textures with simply detailed animal rubbing plates! Enhance fine motor skills while learning about the six featured animals. Place a sheet of paper over the rubbing plate and rub a... More Info

Big Alphabet and Picture Stencils

Regular Price: $32.99 Your Price: $29.69

Each durable, plastic stencil sheet has a 6" uppercase letter, lowercase letter and phonetically appropriate picture. Use the stencils as part of art and language projects or design giant banners! 4... More Info


Drawing Tools and Drawing Supplies Galore!

Do you have a favorite drawing tool? Crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels? Wide point, fine tip, tropical colors, bold colors? Scented markers, unscented markers? Try something different this year in your arts & crafts department. Expand your artistic horizons. Invite your students to try different drawing tools, art mediums, and techniques. Be sure to display the beautiful results. Shop for drawing supplies for kids here!

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