The Bike Shop

Dramatic Play Activities for Preschoolers 

We often convert our dramatic play areas into different thematic play scenes by adding appropriate props. For your Bike Shop, it might work well to redesign your Block Area.

Preschool, Kindergarten
Learning Domains
Social Studies (Family & Community); Creative Arts (Drama); Language Development
Materials Needed
See list of suggestions below

Talk to the children about what happens in a bike shop. Some people buy bicycles and some people bring their bikes to be repaired. When we repair something, we fix it so it’s as good as new again! Some people come to a bike shop to buy accessories for their bikes. What’s an accessory? What kinds of accessories should we sell in our "Bike Shop"?

Here are some suggested props to beg, borrow, or buy from families, friends, and local businesses!

Bike parts - tires, wheels, handle grips
Tools - wrenches of different sizes
Hardware - a collection of large bolts and matching nuts
Air pump
Grease rags
Pictures of all kinds of bicycles
Spare Pedals
Reflective tape (for safety)
Bike Locks
Work gloves (you might want to require that children wear protective gloves when working with bike parts)


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