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Science Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarten and Elementary School

Looking for science activities to incorporate into your early learning center? Take a look here!

Infant & Toddler Science Activities

Give & Take With Nature - Give toddlers a basket and set them free outside! There’s a whole lot of nature waiting to be discovered.

Preschool, Kindergarten & School Age Science Activities

How to Study Insects - Preschoolers are natural entomologists – observe them observing insects!

There's a Pumpkin in the Water Table - This fun sink and float activity uses all of the materials that the Fall season brings us!

Color Me Spring - Discover the wide variety of color shades with a little help from nature and your local paint store!

Soup's On! - Literacy and Science go hand in hand when cooking up soup!

Bring a Trike to Circle Time - As a surprise, bring a trike to circle time to talk about the parts and materials all while using action words.

Five Fruity Questions - This “fruity” activity introduces children to healthful eating  and builds their “sensory" vocabulary, concept knowledge and question-asking skills.

Making a Plant Salad - Use all parts of the plant - plant stem, leaves, roots, flower, and seeds – to make a plant salad!

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