Virtual Beach Tour

Here’s a modification on” We’re Going on a Picnic” game. It’s all about building vocabulary, word associations, problem solving, and memory skills. After this game you’ll be ready for a fun and safe day at the beach!​

Learning Domains:
Language Development; Literacy  Knowledge & Skills, Logic & Reasoning
Materials Needed:
Large beach bag or something similar
Miscellaneous beach-related products that will fit in the bag (or images to represent such items)
Fill a bag with lots of beach-related items-there should be enough so that each participating child can select one thing.
Virtual Beach Tour Image


Plan a virtual trip to the beach! This activity can be done in the classroom or at home with a small group of children. Start with some opening questions: Who wants to go to the beach? What do you know about the beach? We’ll need to pack. What should we bring? What might we see there? Some things we bring are for fun, some things are to keep us safe, and some things are for leisure activity. Will you help me check to see if we have everything we need?
Play this game like, We’re Going on a Picnic but we’ll use real objects. The first child picks something out of the bag and chants, “I’m going to the beach and I’m bringing ______. The child fills in the blank.  The second child picks from the bag and names it and repeats the first item that was taken. The play continues until all items are out of the bag.  If they pick a toy crab, the sentence might change to, I’m going to the beach and I might see a _______. To end the game, ask a series of questions. If the answer is something they’re holding it goes back in the bag.
Some examples:

​Who has something that you use to protect your skin?  Great--let's put it back in the bag.

Who has something you'll need when you come out of the water?

Who has tools we use to build in the sand?

Who has something that lives at the beach?

There is no one right answer for these questions – give children a chance to explain their choices.
Take all the beach items for the bag and set them up in your dramatic play or block area. Talk about how to use them cooperatively and safely for imaginative play.
Vocabulary Boosters:
It’s best to introduce these words along with the category that they fit in. It’s important to help children to identify similarities and differences within a group.
Bathing Suit ImageClothes & Accessories
Beach shoes or flip flops
Bathing Suit
Leisure ActivitiesBeach Ball Image
Beach Ball
Necessary Items
Suntan Lotion
Beach towel
Sea Shells Image​Beach Life
Sea animals figures
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