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‚ÄčLiteracy Activities and Language Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers. Kindergarten and School Age Children

Try these easy activities to boost literacy and language skills for young children.

Literacy & Language Activities for Infants & Toddlers
Knock Knock Boxes - This simple activity with an element of surprise is sure to capture the attention of older infants and young toddlers and help build their vocabulary.

Placemat Puzzles - Toddlers can make their own puzzles using placements found at any discount store. Take a look!

Insta-Book – Learn how to make Insta-Books using blank photo books and window clings readily available at any dollar store. 

Nursery Rhymes Spoon Puppets – Making spoon puppets couldn’t be easier! Find simple images, cover them with clear contact paper and stick them on the back of wooden spoons.
Literacy & Language Activities for Preschool, Kindergarten & School Age Children
Virtual Beach Tour – Adapt the “We’re Going on a Picnic” game for a beach theme! This activity helps to build vocabulary, word associations, problem solving, and memory skills!
Soup's On! – Using chicken soup and alphabet noodles, this is a great activity to teach young children temperature differences and rhyming.
A Season to Remember – Try this preschool version of a game where children have to try to remember everything they see on the tray and guess the missing item.
Picture Prompts – This activity combines art and literacy together!
Bike Shop – Children can turn the block area into a bike shop and build social emotional skills while being entrepreneurs!
Bring a Trike to Circle Time – Imagine the surprise when you reveal a trike at circle time! A little novelty during a routine time goes a long way.
Ride, Ride, Ride My Bike – Try this fun activity with a new rhyming song that’ll sound very familiar.
Five Fruity Questions - This “fruity” activity builds science vocabulary, concept knowledge and question-asking skills.
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